About My Project

The Canonization of Digital Humanities Through John Donne aims to demonstrate through an acute attention to detail both a deep understanding of John Donne’s style and an appreciation of digital humanities. In “The Canonization” by John Donne, he glorifies his love to be just as holy and sacred as the canonization of the saints in the Church. In the same way, this project will “glorify” the research possibilities that digital humanities has allowed for this project.

Primarily, I will be focusing on marking up and analyzing the ironies and paradoxes in John Donne’s poetry. Oftentimes he uses “metaphysical conceit,” a literary device where he compares two contrasting ideas within a paradox. This technique is made famous by John Donne. I am also looking closely at the choices of literary device that John Donne makes throughout his work. Lastly, Donne uses commands in his work that are worth analyzing for their purpose in each piece. By the end of this project, I’d like to include my analysis of the poems as a drop down or side text box so that people might see how my markup lended itself to my interpretation of Donne’s work. If anyone has any questions, I can be reached at cyw6@pitt.edu. Cheers!